Beverage Industry

InsaDuct® is a range of thermally insulated ducting systems for the beverage industry, factory manufactured under stringent production and quality control conditions.

InsaDuct® maintains the beverage lines at the optimum temperature ensuring the beverage is at the highest possible quality to the customer. It not only protects the quality of their beverages by maintaining the temperature, but also prevents degradation to plant and equipment caused by condensation.

InsaDuct® is manufactured from three basic components: pressure tight casing, PVC process pipe and rigid polyurethane foam.

Pre-insulated unit lengths

Pre-insulated Unit Lengths

The annular space between pipe and casing is machine filled with polyurethane foam which expands and, upon setting, forms a totally uniform insulation around the pipe.

Easy installation saves time

Pipe & Casing options

The PVC inner pipe is socketed one end to join onto another straight length without the need for a coupler.

InsaDuct kitsets for on-site insulation of fittings

90 degree bend kits

Bend Kit

A Bend kit is used to insulate the pipe run at 45° or 90° after the service pipe has been installed.

A Bend kit comprises a two part PVC bend insulated with polyurethane foam for easy installation.



A coupler is used to joint two lengths of InsaDuct together which do not have a socket on the end.

A coupler comprises a single PVC coupler insulated with polyurethane foam and an outer polyethylene casing.

Tee Kit

Tee Kit

A tee kit is used to insulate the pipe run where a tee junction is required.

A tee kit comprises a two part PVC tee insulated with polyurethane foam for easy installation